The 25 Most Popular Posts by Retailing: From A to Z by Joel Evans

Since this blog began in early 2012, a number of the more than 1,000 posts have been especially popular among readers. For those who have missed any of the 25 most popular posts, here they are:
  1. Can Car Manufacturers Sell Direct and Bypass Dealers?
  2. A New Infographic on Global Retailing Trends
  3. The Retail Employers on Fortune’s 2013 “Best Companies to Work For” List
  4. Valuable Links
  5. Von Maur Looking to Become a National Department Store Chain
  6. Ten Trends Affecting Consumer Behavior in 2013
  7. Will Intel’s Magic Mirror Change Apparel Shopping?
  8. A QR Code Infographic
  9. Technology Trends and Retailing
  10. CSA’s State of the Industry: 2013
  11. Shopping Smarter at J. Crew
  12. Whole Foods: A New Pricing Strategy
  13. Retail Marketing: A Look at Media Trends
  14. Enhancing the Customer Experience at Car Dealerships
  15. Ikea: Cutting-Edge Catalogs
  16. Forever 21 Job Interview Tips
  17. Is BMW’s New High-Tech Selling Approach Going to Be a Winner?
  18. Customer Fraud Comes in Many Forms: “Wardrobing” Is One of Them
  19. How Costco Keeps on Clicking
  20. What Factors Most Influence Purchase Decisions?
  21. Retail Strategy Lessons from McKinsey & Co.
  22. A Retail Store Design Checklist
  23. The Evolution of the Retail Barcode
  24. A Look at Kearney’s 2013 Global Retail Development Index
  25. Resume Mistakes to Avoid



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