Retail Management Supplements

We have prepared several supplements to accompany Retail Management: A Strategic Approach, 13e. These supplements — in PDF format — may be accessed here by clicking on the appropriate images below. Within these supplements are numerous hotlinks to valuable information pertaining to retail management.We have divided the supplements into six categories:

  • Career Materials
  • Retail Web Sites
  • Strategic Planning Template
  • Trade Associations
  • Online Exercises
  • Extra Math Problems


These career materials include both government and nongovernment sources, including descriptions of six retailing careers in the Occupational Outlook Handbook from the Bureau of Labor Statistics and the Federal Trade Commission’s guide to buying a franchise. We also include original material produced by us relating to LinkedIn groups in retailing,  selected positions in retailing, retail career paths, retail job links by company, and links to FREE résumé and cover letter templates.


The Retail Web sites supplement contains two files: One file enables you  to click on links to the sites of nearly 700 retailers in the United States. The other file enables you  to click on links to the sites of more than 235 retailers outside the United States.


The Strategic Planning Template supplement consists of four fully original files constructed by us: (1) Instructions for using the strategic planning template. (2) A master strategic planning template, which enables you to directly enter strategic decisions into an interactive PDF file. (3) A sample strategic planning template, which shows how a hypothetical retailer could use the template. (4) Nine different retailer scenarios that may be applied to the strategic planning template.


Here, there are links to about 100 valuable retail-related professional and trade associations.


In this supplement, there are original, real-world Web-based exercises tied to the book — 32 exercises in all. There are four exercises for each of the eight parts in the book. 


To enhance your retail math skills, there are extra questions that relate to Chapters 9 trading-area analysis), 12 (financial operations), 16 (financial merchandising), and 17 (pricing) in Retail Management: A Strategic Approach, 13e.


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