Careers at Sephora

Sephora is a global powerhouse in cosmetics and other beauty care products. It has 2,300 stores in 33 countries around the globe. worldwide, with more than 430 stores in the Americas.
The retailer offers a number of career opportunities:
“At Sephora, we’re obsessed with teaching and inspiring our clients to play in our world of beauty. We’ve earned our reputation with our expertise, innovation, and entrepreneurial spirit. But our true secret to success is a dedication to unlocking our client’s beauty potential and inspiring fearlessness, whatever it means to her. We draw on our core values — Innovation, Respect, Teamwork, Initiative, Expertise, Passion, Balance — to provide meaningful careers to more than 11,000 employees in North America and 30,000 worldwide. Whether you’re passionate about product, people, numbers, words, code, or strategy, we have a place for you.”


Take a look at these two career videos from Sephora.



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How the Internet Is Revolutionizing Retail – An Infographic

Guest Post by Patrick Thuot, Vice-President of Storetraffic

The Internet has made a huge impact on everyone’s life; that is not an exaggeration. Over the last number of years we can safely say that the Internet and related technology have changed our daily lives; it has changed how we interact, how we work ,and how we live.
It’s also a basic fact that it has changed the face of retail forever. Today, it is possible to live in the USA and order something online from a store based in any other part of the world, as long as you have an Internet connection. It is possible anywhere. That is truly amazing but also worrying for a traditional brick and mortar retailer.
Yes they can choose to join the party by moving online while keeping their online presence, but it unfortunately not as simple as it sounds. Issues such as logistics, warehousing, and extra staff and so much more need to be considered when moving online.
So what is a traditional retailer to do? They cannot simply ignore technology but they need to educate themselves about how they can incorporate it into their business for the future in order to reinforce their prospects.
This infographic from Storetraffic highlights some interesting data about the impact of the Internet on brick and mortar retailers; it indicates how offline retailers can use the Internet to further their growth; it examines the effect of IoT on retail and lots more. Check it all out below.


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Are YOU Prepared for Ad Blocking?

Ad blocking is becoming an enormous problem for online retailers, going from a nuisance a couple of years ago to a major threat today. ARE YOU PREPARED TO HANDLE IT?
Technopedia describes ad blockers as follows:
“An ad blocker is a program that will remove different kinds of advertising from a Web user’s experience online. These programs target certain kinds of ads, such as pop-ups, banner ads ,and other common forms of online ad blockers work in many different ways. Some are standalone programs, while others are features of more comprehensive customizing services, or add-ons for a particular browser or operating system. Some browser-specific programs, like PithHelmet for Safari, or other programs for browsers, like Opera, are designed to work well in a particular environment. Others work with Windows or another operating system to block pop-ups or other kinds of ads.” 
“Users have a wide range of options for blocking out different kinds of ads. Some programs delete cookies and other Web markers to effectively limit ads. Web proxy programs like Privoxy can be effective ad blockers. Some users will choose to block Adobe Flash in order to block annoying video ads, which are now common on some websites. There are also freeware programs that may use simple principles to block out advertising.”
So, how much of a threat is ad blocking in 2017? Even though eMarketer has scaled back its estimates slightly; ad blocking is still growing significantly. As eMarketer notes:
“eMarketer has scaled back its estimates of ad blocking users in the U.S., reducing the number to 75.1 million. At that level, more than one-quarter (27.5%) of US internet users will use ad blockers this year. While the estimate has been reduced, growth is still significant, at 16.2% in 2017.”
“Ad blocking is much more common among desktop/laptop users than smartphone users. For smartphones, the incidence of ad blocking is less than 8%. That’s partly because mobile ad blockers are often not as effective — especially within apps — as they are on desktops and laptops. Ad blocking continues to be far more prevalent among younger people. This year, 41.1% of millennials will use ad blockers, r estimates. The use is lower among Gen X internet users at 26.9%, and for baby boomers, ad blocking is at 13.9%.”


Click the image to read more.
US Ad Blocking User Penetration, Desktop/Laptop vs. Smartphone, 2014-2018 (% of population)


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What Was Hot in Technology? 20 Years Ago!

We tend to spend a lot of time looking at the “hot new things,” such as connected vehicles, virtual assistants, and a lot more. But, as retailers, we infrequently look back at the past to see what was hot then in terms of fads and long-running successes. What hot high-tech products from 20 years ago can YOU name?
Recently, CNET published an entertaining slideshow: “Flashback fun! Return with us now to the thrilling days of the late 1990s, when the Interweb was young, the CD was king, and the cloud was a white, fluffy thing that floated above your head while you gabbed on your cordless telephone.”
Click the image to see the CNET slideshow. Which of the items shown in the slideshow were fads; which were long-run successes?


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The Broadening Threat of Ransomware

Retailers are now selling a rapidly growing number of connected devices — from refrigerators to smoke detectors to home security devices to robotic vacuum cleaners, and a lot more.
Thus, the threat of ransomware is getting worse, as we’ve reported beforeRansomware “is malware. The hackers demand payment, often via Bitcoin or prepaid credit card, from victims in order to regain access to an infected device and the data stored on it.” [from Ransomware: The Smart Person’s Guide, by James Sanders]
How pervasive is the threat of ransomware in our everyday lives? Check out this rather scary cartoon from Joy of Tech. It was inspired by the recently published Ransomware: Defending Against Digital Extortion by Allan Liska and Timothy Gallo! [Click the image for a larger version of the cartoon.]



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Cross-Channel Integration in 2017

This post builds on the one from yesterday, which reported on a study by Yes Lifecycle Marketing.
eMarketer reports that:
“Retail marketers are looking to [better] incorporate online and offline channels to get greater insights into their customers in 2017. About four in 10 retail marketers say they will implement cross-channel attribution initiatives and test tools for channels and content in 2017, while about a third say they’re looking to implement data-fed, consistent views of their customers and integrate automated offer optimizations.”



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E-Mail Still Key for Retailers

In this day of social media and mobile apps, many retailers continue to place a lot of emphasis on E-mail — which clearly is not fading away.
As eMarketer has noted:
An October 2016 survey from Yes Lifecycle Marketing found that the top objectives for marketers worldwide this year [2017] are to increase sales, improve customer engagement, and improve customer acquisition. In order to support these goals, respondents are most likely to prioritize channels such as email (68%) and social media (54%).



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