Consistency Makes Good Customer Experiences Better

Consistency makes good customer experiences better for all parties. Thus, we must ask. Are firms doing well with customer service (the customer experience). Or is it just hype? Some firms are doing well, other not so much. And consistency of the customer experience is essential for their loyalty. As a result, customers must be satisfied EVERY TIME they interact with a firm.

According to Forrester:

“Today, there are growing consumer expectations, rising customer churn rates, and more options with lower barriers to switch. Therefore, a firm’s customer experience (CX) moves to center stage. And CX leaders grow revenue faster than CX laggards. In addition, they drive higher brand preference. Also, they can charge more for their products.”

Before moving to today’s topic, look at these posts:


Consistency Makes Good Customer Experiences Better

For this section, we turn to observations by Connie Harrington for Customer Think. First are some insights. Then, we show a few graphics:

“Creating a single standout customer experience (CX) may get a customer’s attention — but does it win their loyalty? Not always. Companies that have made progress along the CX path recognize that delivering consistent experiences across multiple interactions helps fortify customer loyalty. Fostering consistency in experiences is becoming essential as customers use multiple channels to engage with brands.”

“According to 2017 research from Forrester, 95% of customers use three or more channels to connect with a company in a single service interaction, with 62% using more than one device. And Accenture research has found that 65% of customers expressed frustration over inconsistent experiences or information presented across channels.”

Consistency Makes Good Customer Experiences Better

Image Source: SlideShare

“Today, consumers are more likely to conduct research—and consider multiple brands or products–before making purchases. A recent study found that two-third of customers research products online before shopping for them in a brick-and-mortar store. Over half follow this research online, buy offline process frequently or every time they shop. Many consumers do the reverse as well. In the same study, more than half of surveyed consumers said they will go to a store location to see products in person before buying them online.”

Consistency Makes Good Customer Experiences Better

Image Source: Retail Dive

Trust and consistency go hand-in-hand. In fact, McKinsey’s research in the financial found that brands that cultivated the strongest feelings of trust were more likely to deliver consistent customer journeys. Cultivating trust can have far-reaching impacts on a business. According to the Edelman Trust Barometer, when customers trust companies, they are more likely to believe positive information about the company—and the opposite is true for companies they distrust.”

Consistency Makes Good Customer Experiences Better

Image Source: Clear Action CX


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Where Do See YOUR Future Career Path

So, how often do you think about this? Where do see YOUR future career path over the next several years? For many of us, we think about it often. While for others, we think about it sometimes. Yet, almost no one answers that they never think about it.

With this in mind, today’s post presents a quiz on this topic. And you can access it below.


Background: Where Do See YOUR Future Career Path

Whenever you do a personal SWOT analysis, your future career path must be considered. Because you need to ready for the future. Whether you stay at your current firm. Or decide to move on. Be prepared with a plan a, a plan b, and even a plan c in preparing for future future.

To begin, review these posts:


A Quiz: Where Do See YOUR Future Career Path

To assist in planning your career future, HubSpot devised a short, simple quiz. And based it on these factors:

“To help you plan confidently for your next five years, HubSpot has launched a brand new career assessment called The Next Five. Tell us your interests, strengths, and working style, and we’ll help you identify a next step that’s right for your long-term professional goals. Here are the five steps to this career quiz and some initial questions to ask yourself when deciding where to go in your career:

  1. Work Environment
  2. Work Challenges
  3. Happiness Level
  4. Skills
  5. Goals”

Click the image to go right to the quiz. Then, answer the questions. And see what is recommended for YOU.

Where Do See YOUR Future Career Path -- A Quiz


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Social Media Video Marketing

Social media video marketing continues growing at a very fast rate. As a result, many social media users watch videos on a regular basis.


Social Media Video Marketing

For today’s post, let us examine three good sources of information on social media video marketing.



According to eMarketer:

“Marketers simply cannot afford to ignore video advertising. Thus, eMarketer predicts that video ad spending in the U.S. alone will reach $15.42 billion this year. And it will grow to $22.18 billion by 2021. New research from artificial intelligence-powered video creation service Wibbitz provides some insight into which social media platforms video advertisers should be paying attention to—and it’s pretty much what you would expect.”

YouTube/Vimeo and Facebook are the runaway leaders for viewer participation. To read more, click on the chart.

Social Media Video Marketing

Small Business Trends

According to Small Business Trends:

“So what is the right type of video? According to the infographic, hard-sell videos don’t work. Explainer, testimonial, demonstration, and personalized videos have greater success. Seven in 10 people stated they saw content that is interesting from a particular brand in a more positive light.”

“Once you know what type of videos to create, it should be the right length. If the video is too long, the chances of losing your audience increases. Under three minutes seems to be the sweet spot. When it comes to choosing the social media channels, such as Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Snapchat, or Twitter, each platform has its pros and cons. This will depend on the type of business you have and the demographic you want to reach, according to the data shared by Filmora Wondershare.”

To read more, click the infographic.

Social Media Video Marketing

Social Media Icons Photo via Shutterstock


BI Intelligence

According to BI Intelligence, despite its popularity, YouTube is not perceived as trustworthy. And this is why:

“The social platform that finished dead last did so because of its abusive comments section and annoying ads. Still, this hasn’t dissuaded people from visiting, as evidenced by the time spent monthly and massive user base. This platform also resonates more with older generations.”

To read more, click on the chart.

Social Media Video Marketing

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Amazon Primes for More

As we know, Amazon dominates the world of online retailing. And it is a very creative firm.  Think about the Kindle, the Kindle Fire, Alexa, and Amazon Prime. Hence, the title of today’s post — Amazon primes for more.

Clearly, Amazon Prime has been a brilliant success. See Amazon Creates Its Own “Prime” Holiday and Amazon Prime: A Loyalty Program That Really Pays Off .

Amazon Primes for More

As reported by eMarketer:

“New data from Kantar Consulting estimate that an impressive 45% of households in the US are willing to fork over membership fees to Amazon in exchange for the promise of free two-day shipping on eligible items, along with ancillary benefits like access to Amazon’s library of streamable content. That’s a figure Kantar said is equal to about 56.9 million homes.”

And “According to a report from Consumer Intelligence Research Partners (CIRP) released in October 2017, Amazon Prime members spent an average of almost $1,300 per year on the platform, compared with $700 for nonsubscribers.”

Take a look at these two charts.

Amazon Primes for More
Amazon Primes for More

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Getting Great Online Customer Reviews

For the huge number of firms using digital media, getting great online customer reviews is a must. And this post addresses that topic.

These prior posts relate to today’s topic:


Background: Getting Great Online Customer Reviews

Before we present tips for getting great customer reviews, consider these observations from

“Winning rave online reviews from customers for your products or services is one of the best feel good factors of running your business. But no matter how high their standards of service or quality of products, firms soon discover the downside of the online consumer review phenomenon — customers saying bad things about their business. When you get a bad review, whether from a customer with a legitimate gripe, or a serial nitpicker, you must be prepared to deal with it. Ignoring it isn’t an option. Because that looks as though you don’t care and it can escalate into a bigger problem. But dealing with negative reviews in a positive way not only minimizes the impact of unflattering comments, it can also help you win new business.”

Click the image to read more from Coleman.

Getting Great Online Customer Reviews

A five-star business/Photo credit: Shutterstock


Tips for Getting Great Online Customer Reviews

Now we ready are ready for some tips to generate positive reviews.

So, consider these observations from Ajay Prasad, writing for Business to Community:

“In this new interconnected world, word-of-mouth buzz matters more than ever before. And that’s why you need to convince your customers write software reviews. Consider these stats. 74 percent of consumers say they consider word-of-mouth buzz before making a purchase decision, according to Ogilvy. Also, 84 percent of consumers say they trust recommendations of family, colleagues, and friends, according to Nielsen. In addition, 88 percent of people say they trust online reviews written by other consumers as much as they do those from personal contacts, according to BrightLocal.”

Here are five tips from Prasad:

  1. Keep it simple. Thus, make sure to use a platform that makes it easy for users to leave reviews on your site.
  2. Put review options in prominent positions. Integrate customer feedback into your site’s content.
  3. Build credibility. As we know, bad reviews can hurt. But you shouldn’t discriminate against them. Why? Because leaving them on the site builds trust and credibility.

  4. Don’t overlook video. At present, 55 percent of people watch online videos every day. Therefore, don’t overlook video when it comes to convincing customers to write online reviews.
  5. Encourage site visitors. For example, let visitors know that anyone who writes an online review will be entered into a drawing for a chance to win some sort of prize. But be careful not to give the impression that you are trying to buy positive reviews.

To read more from Prasad, including four other tips, click the image.

Getting Great Online Customer Reviews


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2018 Super Bowl LII Fun Facts

In a couple of days, we will write about the impact of Super Bowl LII advertising. But as we begin Super Bowl Sunday, lets look at 2018 Super Bowl LII fun facts . 🙂

Are you ready for some football? And a lot of advertising? [The Super Bowl of Advertising.] As we asked last year, Rating the Super Bowl Ads: What’s YOUR Take? We ask the same question for 2018’s game.

What’s the big deal about the Super Bowl for marketers? Consider these observations from Mitchell Carey, writing for Diligant:

“Despite the recent exodus of many viewers from broadcast TV. On Sunday, February 4th it’ll be hard to find someone who doesn’t plan to tune in to Super Bowl LII on NBC at 6:30 PM EST. And whether you’re a religious football follower or a fair-weather fan, a cable subscriber or a cord-cutter. You’ll probably check in to make sure that your preferred team stays ahead. Or to catch a glimpse of some of the most engaging ads of the year. Reining in an average of 111.3 million viewers last year, Super Bowl LI was the fifth most-watched TV broadcast in history.”


2018 Super Bowl LII Fun Facts

Since this game-day post takes a light-hearted view of SB LII, we offer the following information and infographics.

Want to be immersed in trivia? If yes, take a look at “Super Bowl 2018 preview: The 52 things you need to know about Patriots vs. Eagles” from CBS Sports. One of the 52 things = “The temperature in Minneapolis is forecast to be around 6 degrees Sunday, but the game will be played indoors.”

Now, on to some entertaining infographics.


To begin, this one is from Niall McCarthy

2018 Super Bowl LII Fun Facts


Next are TWO infographics from Diligant — digital marketer’s playbook 1 and digital marketer’s playbook 2.

2018 Super Bowl LII Fun Facts

Digital Marketer’s Playbook 1

2018 Super Bowl LII Fun Facts

Digital Marketer’s Playbook 2


And look at this infographic from WalletHub.

2018 Super Bowl LII Fun Facts


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2018 Marketing Budget Free Templates

With this post, we conclude our three-part series on the marketing budget. This topic merits the detailed coverage. First, we presented 2018 Marketing Budget Trends. Then, we covered 2018 Marketing Budget Strategies. And we conclude with our 2018 Marketing Budget Free Templates.

Before actually setting up a marketing budget, ask yourself several questions. And here is one example of such questions. It’s from the UK’s Marketing Centre:

  1. Do you have a marketing plan?
  2. Are you measuring the right things?
  3. Do you have a way of monitoring and reporting success?
  4. Understand the ROI of your marketing efforts over the last 12 months?
  5. Do you have the requisite tools for marketing success?
  6. Have you set aside budget for legislative changes?
  7. Have you got the right marketing person to make the most of your budget?


2018 Marketing Budget Free Templates

Large companies typically have the resources to internally set up their marketing budgets. However, small firms are likely to need outside assistance. And fortunately, there are many professional resources available. Furthermore, there are quality FREE marketing budget templates available for download.

Here are several of these free templates. NOTE: Some do require a free login. Also, do a Google search to find other free templates.


HubSpot offers 8 marketing budget templates to easily manage your marketing budget. They are in Excel format:

MASTER Marketing Budget Template
Product Marketing Budget Template
Content Budget Template
Paid Advertising Budget Template
Public Relations Budget Template
Branding and Creative Budget Template
Website Redesign Budget Template
Event Budget Template

Click the image to sign up and download these templates.

2018 Marketing Budget Free Templates


Smartsheet offers 12 free templates. No sign is required.

Simple Marketing Budget
Marketing Budget Plan
Event Budget
Quarterly Marketing Budget
Annual Marketing Budget
Channel Marketing Budget
Product Marketing Budget
Digital Marketing Budget
Content Marketing Budget
Social Media Marketing Budget
Website Budget
Public Relations Budget

Click the image to sign up and download these templates.

2018 Marketing Budget Free Templates


Fundera Ledger

Fundera Ledger offers these templates:

Capterra’s free small business budget template

15 templates on one page!

Annual business budget in Google Sheets

Microsoft Office template



Score offers an Annual Marketing Budget Template. Click the image to access it.
2018 Marketing Budget Free Templates

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