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Do Not Fall Prey to Scams

As consumers, we certainly want to avoid being scammed. But, that is not always a simple task. Thus, we present several tips so you do not fall prey to scams.

First, take a look at these posts about bad company practices:

According to eMarketer:

“In 2017, online buying scams represented the biggest type of consumer fraud, according to the BBB. Up from fourth place a year earlier. And the rise of digital shopping and growing comfort with sharing personal information online cause this growing category of fraud.”

Do Not Fall Prey to Scams

Do Not Fall Prey to Scams

Annually, the Better Business Bureau presents a scam tracker risk report:

Last year, what was the most common marketplace scam of the year? And which scams inflicted the most financial damage to consumers? The BBB Scam Tracker Annual Risk Report provides insight into the top scams. These include risk ratings from the new BBB Scam Risk Index. It provides a three-dimensional measure of scam risk. In sum, the measure encompasses exposure, susceptibility, and monetary loss. Thus, this report can aid [consumers], policymakers, enforcement agencies, consumer groups, and academic researchers.”

Avoid Being Scammed

BBB Scam Tracking Resources

The BBB provides three free resources regarding scams and how to avoid them.

(1) The Scam Tracker:

“In 2015, BBB Scam Tracker(c) was developed to address a need for an easy-to-use online tool to report scams in real time. Using consumer reports, this online tool collects and shares timely data that shed light on scams. As well as who’s the target, which scams have the most impact, etc. A healthy marketplace needs empowered and aware consumers. In addition to principled businesses that proactive work to stop scammers. Scam Tracker provides the crowdsourced information to make this possible.”

Click the image to access the Scam Tracker.

BBB Scam Tracker

(2) The Scam Tracker Annual Risk Report:

“Marketplace scams represent a $50 billion drain on our economy. This robs consumers and legitimate businesses alike. Scams negatively impact one in four households and one in five individuals each year. Scammers masquerade as trusted brands, eroding consumer confidence in the marketplace. The continued fight against scams is critical to limiting the financial and emotional damage to victims. And to restoring consumer confidence in honest businesses so the marketplace can prosper.”

Click the image to access the most recent 48-page annual scam risk report.

Avoid Being Scammed

(3) The Voices of Scam Victims:

“The personal stories of scam victims that bring home the human dimension of scams. And the BBB Scam Tracker database provides consumers’ stories in their own words. Thus, these stories provide valuable insights into the psychology of scammers and their victims.”

To see 10 scam examples, click the image.

Examples of Scams


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Retail Job Trends from LinkedIn

Recently, LinkedIn cited a lot of new information about retail jobs. Click the image to read the full discussion. Below the image are three highlights of the LinkedIn report.

Retail Job Trends from LinkedIn

  • “Of all retail associates who took on a new job title in the last five years (whether in retail or another industry), the most common next job was administrative employee followed by customer service specialist. The third most common move wasn’t to a job at all—it was back to school as a student. Food service represented the third-most common job of retail associates leaving the position.”

  • “When you think ‘software developer,’ you don’t usually think retail—but that may soon change. Sure, salesperson is still the #1 job, but the increase in software developers is a shocking shift in just four years.”

  • “While the number of retail associates has fallen dramatically over the past few years, sales is still the biggest function in retail (and it’s not even close).”


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Do a Good Deed with Amazon Smile

As we recently reported, Amazon Prime remains on a roll. Today’s post builds on one from a couple of years ago. We ask you to do a good deed with Amazon Smile at NO-COST to you. As of February 2018, more than $80 million in donations were made to charities through Amazon Smile.


The Popularity of Amazon Prime

Until recently, there were no Amazon-confirmed data on Prime membership. Yet, other sources made their own estimates.

Consider these two charts developed by Statista. Click them to visit the relevant Statista Web pages.

Amazon Prime Members as September 2017

Amazon Prime Membership by Household Income

Now, we have a better idea of Amazon Prime’s actual prowess. As Jonathan Vanian reports for Fortune:

Amazon Prime has over 100 million subscribers worldwide, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos said in April 2018. And this marked the first time the company disclosed such detailed information about its increasingly important subscription service. The online retail giant debuted Prime 13 years ago as a way for people to get free two-day shipping and to access to the company’s video streaming library.”

In the past, Amazon only disclosed vague information about the number of Prime subscribers, such as it having “tens of millions of members.” The updated number highlights the growth of the firm’s subscription service. Amazon has pushed it heavily over the years as a way to retain customers that in turn fuel its core retail business with each purchase. Still, Amazon stopped short of full disclosure of its Prime subscriber service, like how much revenue it generates.”


Do a Good Deed with Amazon Smile — FREE!!!!

Prime’s vast customer base, which shops at Amazon rather often, presents a huge opportunity for charitable groups. To facilitate donations, Amazon set up Amazon Smile.

THIS IS NOT A SALES PITCH. If you already shop at Amazon, there is an easy way to give to charity. Amazon Smile is an application that costs nothing to join or use when shopping. Through Amazon Smile, a 1/2% donation is made to the charity you choose when you shop. You can type in any charity you want. [Just type in the name of the charity instead of selecting one of the recommended ones.] 🙂

To learn more about Amazon Smile, click here.

Do a Good Deed with Amazon Smile

To sign up for Amazon Smile, click here.

Note: Amazon Smile works whether or not you are a Prime member — at no cost to you.


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Online Shopping Behavior Is Still Evolving

As we reported yesterday, the future of E-commerce is brighter than ever.  Now, we study how online shopping behavior is still evolving. In this post, we look at: (1) online shopping trends and (2) the recent success of eBay. The material is drawn from eMarketer.


How Online Shopping Behavior Is Still Evolving

eMarketer Retailing reports that:

In the United States, “marketplace platforms generated $2.1 billion of revenue, increasing 11%, and $22.5 billion of gross merchandise volume (GMV), a key metric. According to ‘The eMarketer E-commerce Insights Report,’ conducted by Bizrate Insights in March 2018, fully 44% of internet users have made a recent purchase via an online marketplace.”

And the online shopping process itself is evolving, as shown in this chart.

Online Shopping Behavior Is Still Evolving


eBay’s Strong Results

Since its spin off of PayPal, eBay has worked hard to boost its E-commerce business. And these efforts are paying off.

eMarketer attributes eBay’s success to four factors:

  1. International Growth
  2. Brand Awareness and Acquisitions
  3. Improved Shopping Experience
  4. Shifting Merchant Focus

To read about these four factors, click the image below and then scroll down the page.

eBay Driving Ahead

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New Infographic on E-Commerce’s Future

Today, we present a new infographic on E-commerce’s future. This builds upon these prior posts:


A New Infographic on E-Commerce’s Future from Go People

Go People, an Australian delivery services company recently looked at the future of E-commerce. As the firm’s Nick Hartman observes:

“The E-commerce industry is on a roll, as digital consumers are buying more and more products and services from online retailers. And it’s not just limited to giant E-commerce stores like Amazon and eBay. Small to medium enterprises are also seeing spikes in their online sales — thanks to the continuous growth of digital technologies, as well as digital consumers.”

“People who are on the go want fast and convenient methods of shopping. And E-commerce addresses this need for them. With just a click or tap on your devices, you can order items or subscribe to a service. You can also take advantage of hamper delivery when you shop online. It’s shopping made easy for consumers who do not have the time to go to brick-and-mortar stores.”

“With these scenarios, it’s safe to say that E-commerce will continue to grow. And to attract a wider market globally. Look at this infographic showing existing and upcoming trends in E-commerce, the buying behavior and preferences among digital shoppers, and how things will pan out for your E-commerce business.”

New Infographic on E-Commerce’s Future

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Starting and Finishing YOUR Work Day

Here’s a good topic for you to consider. Starting and finishing YOUR work day. What you do when first arriving at work? And what do you do when ending your work day?

For other good insights, read these two posts. The Evolving Generational Work Place. And Advice from U.S. Entrepreneurs: Starting, Growing, Staying Inspired.


Starting and Finishing Your Work Day

According to Meredith Wood, writing for Fundera (a financial services firm):

“How you start and end your work day can affect your productivity. And your overall performance at the office. Both entrepreneurs and busy professionals can benefit from establishing an intentional schedule for their morning and end-of-work routines. Being mindful of your work habits can help you assess how you are spending your time. And allow you to identify opportunities for improvement. Working smarter, not harder, means making simple shifts to your day that can have a big impact on how you feel and the work that you produce.”

“Adding key changes to the first and last moments of your work day can help you get more done. And facilitate better work-life balance. Spending time in the morning thinking about what you want to do to stay focused through the day. By intentionally logging out of work E-mail at the end of the day, you can enter your evening focused on outside-of-work passions. And the people that matter most to you. Also, you’ll start your next day feeling much more refreshed.”

“Instead of focusing on not having enough time to get everything you need done, try shifting your mindset. Make a few simple tweaks to your day to help you build habits that allow you to be the best professional you can be.”

The following infographic from Fundera provides several tips. Try them out and start/end your work day better.

Starting and Finishing Your Work Day

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