Shopping Smarter at J. Crew

Retailers have a lot of behind-the-scenes tactics in which they engage to stimulate customer shopping.
Recently, Businessweek reported on some of the tactics utilized by J. Crew to simulate shoppers in the store. This story has a lot of tips for shoppers, but it is sure to make retailers somewhat uncomfortable that some of their selling secrets are out.
Click the image for a Businessweek slide show that offers a number of shopping tips (retailing secrets).


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4 Responses to Shopping Smarter at J. Crew

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    Be a better shopper!!!!

  2. Marion LoMonaco says:

    Now I know why I don’t shop at J.Crew! I have found the quality of fabrics did not command the price and that goes for shoes as well! I believe there target market is the affluent college age and older working 20-30 somethings. Otherwise the price point is way too pricing for the average person. The 50 year old and older market can’t fit into their narrow cuts. Some J.Crew stores carry totally different merchandise based upon their location, even if it is just 5 miles away. Case in point is the Manhasset store and the Roosevelt Field Mall. Manhasset has much more conservative styles and more selection than the Mall.

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