Retailing A to Z’s Most Popular Posts for the First Half of 2015

Thank you for reading our Retailing: From A to Z by Joel Evans posts. 🙂
Here are the most popular 12 posts thus far in 2015 (January 1-June 30). Take a look if you missed any of them:
  1. Rating a Store from the Shopper’s Viewpoint
  2. Great Retail Experience Innovations: A Slideshow
  3. Dealing with the Age of Disruption
  4. Making Fast Food Fast Again?
  5. An In-Depth Overview of Multichannel Retailing Today
  6. Where Do Consumers Research and Buy Apparel and Footwear?
  7. What Are the Steps in a Credit Card Transaction?
  8. Why Consumers Still Abandon Their Shopping Carts and How to Fix This
  9. Resume Tips: An Infographic
  10. It’s Not Always Great to Be a Businessweek Cover Story
  11. How Should Retailers “Connect” with College Students?
  12. Amazon Prime: A Loyalty Program That Really Pays Offs



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