Pinterest Adds Web Analytics

To provide better services for consumers and companies, Pinterest (the social media phenomenon) has begun to offer Web analytics for the first time.
According to Daniela Forte, writing for Multichannel Merchant: “The Pinterest Web analytics will measure influence, pin performance, traffic referrals, according to an article on TechCrunch. The new platform services include outbound pinned traffic to Pinterest, inbound traffic from Pinterest, how many have seen the pin, plus a ‘selection’ of most pinned, most clicked, and most recent pins. The main focus for Pinterest has been creating a platform where consumers and businesses can continue using. Pinterest has become a haven for brands because it gives them a platform for engaging with consumers and businesses that doesn’t bear the stigma of ads or other invasive marketing techniques.” For now, the Web analytics are free.
Click the image to read more.

Graphic by Pinterest


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1 Response to Pinterest Adds Web Analytics

  1. Pinterest Analytics says:

    This pinterest Adds Web Analytics of its site.It is very nice.The new platform services include outbound pinned traffic to PinterestI like it.

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