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Tools for Enhancing Your Job Search

When searching for a job, are you effective? There are many excellent digital tools that can assist you in undertaking a better job search. As Maria Onzain writes for Tech.co: “Do you feel your job hunt efforts are inefficient? Do you … Continue reading

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How to Better Measure Online ROI

Many companies find it difficult to measure the ROI (return on investment) of various activities, including those activities conducted via the Web. Marketo has recently published an E-book titled: Solved Mysteries: Tracking Your Content Marketing ROI: “Is your content’s ROI … Continue reading

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New Technology Words Added to the Oxford English Dictionary :-)

Each year, new words are added to the Oxford English Dictionary. Some are culturally-driven; others are technology-driven. Many are unusual. As Lindsay Kolowich writes for HubSpot: “Although the Oxford English Dictionary editors get the final say, they actually look to … Continue reading

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