Uber Drop-Offs Right to the Store

There is now a new opportunity for Uber, the ride-sharing firm: Delivering customers right to the retail store.
As reported by
“The ride-hailing app is partnering with location-data company Yext to let retail brands create in-app campaigns. Uber has already worked with brands like Dick’s Sporting Goods and Casper to deliver on-demand products but now appears to opening up the actual app as a marketing platform.”
“Here’s how it works: Retailers can use Yext’s software to plug Uber’s API into their mobile apps, sites, and E-mails. Clicking on the button opens the Uber app—or prompts people to download it—and shows consumers where the store is located. Retailers can then specify an exact address or location on a map where they want the person dropped off. Macy’s, for example, can ask Uber drivers to drop a rider directly at the door of its Herald Square location in New York instead of dropping them off at the corner (where they’re less likely to walk straight into the store).”
“While consumers still pay for the Uber ride, retailers can set up campaigns within Uber once someone is in the car. In one example, retailers can link a pin on an Uber map to a Web site showing in-store inventory at a shop. Or, a restaurant could pull its menu information into the app. The brands have to be paying Yext clients.”

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Brands can link to E-commerce sites within Uber/Yext


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