Are You Committing “Product Information Malpractice”?

Informatica Corporation (NASDAQ: INFA) is a leading global independent provider of data integration software. And it has coined the term “Product Information Malpractice” (PIM) that involves the practices of many multichannel/omnichannel firms. 
What causes PIM? According to Informatica:
“If you’re like most retailers, you’ve built a product information silo for each channel. You had to. So product updates and changes are painful. And adding new products takes weeks or months (of potential high-margin selling time). And information is often out of date or incomplete. Now add new countries and languages.  Now bring on new suppliers and products. That’s Product Information Chaos.”
And this leads to Product Information Malpractice. Take a look at Informatica’s slideshow to learn more about what PIM is and how to combat it.



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