In-Store Digital Experience Can Raise Brand Awareness and Engagement

Intel has published a very informative report about in-store digital technology. The report features Media-Saturn Group, a leading European retail chain.
According to the report: “Many retailers are apprehensive about rolling out a large, complex digital signage network, and rightfully so. The cost and planning required to deploy high-definition displays, kiosks, video walls, and perhaps IPTV (Internet protocol TV) are considerable and must be backed by a solid return on investment (ROI). Providing greater insight into this process is Media-Saturn Group, Europe’s largest electronics retailer, operating more than 900 stores in 16 countries with around 15 million shoppers visiting every week. With the goal of providing its customers with the best possible information to make informed purchase decisions, the company took on an ambitious project to create a one-of-a kind, in-store digital experience. Upon entering a typical store, customers see content, trailers, and educational movie clips playing on over 200 screens, which are part of an in-store TV network that builds brand awareness. Systemwide, the store chain manages 220,000 screens, about half of which are controlled by a web-based platform. Various types of informational kiosks increase brand engagement by letting customers listen to music, preview movie and game trailers, get advice about ink cartridges, learn about mobile phones and related service plans, and more. In addition, notebooks and tablets throughout the store convey marketing messages to customers. This is achieved with media players, servers, and kiosks based on Intel® processors, which deliver the computing performance and graphics capabilities needed to power this exceptional multimedia experience. This investment enables Media-Saturn to elevate the shopping experience, generate additional revenue, eliminate the cost of traditional signs and optimize customer communications. This solution blueprint is based on research from the Platt Retail Institute.”
Click the image to read the report.


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