More Location Data Help Retailers at Pinterest

As we have noted before (for example, see 1, 2, 3), more retailers are now involved with Pinterest; and Pinterest has been adding new features to encourage use by retailers.
Pinterest’s  most recent feature addition relates to location data
“Since we first launched place Pins, millions of travel-minded Pinners have added place info to their Pins. Starting today (October 13, 2015), we’re making it even easier to see your favorite spots on a map: Now location info will be added automatically to Pins. That means almost 7 billion Pins will have helpful details, like phone numbers, addresses, and store hours. We’ve also built in some handy new extras.” 
“Now each Pin includes a preview of where it lives on the map. Tap to get all the details, including other Pins from that spot and tips from people who’ve been there. If you need to get in touch, just tap to make a call or get directions from Google Maps or Apple Maps. You can even discover nearby places that you might want to visit just by exploring the map. So say you’re planning a brunch outing. Now your Pin can help you find the perfect urban hike to walk off those pancakes afterwards.”
Click the image to read more from Pinterest.

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