Express Is on the E-commerce Fast Track

Express has been an online innovator for quite a while, especially with social media. The retailer has more than 4.5 million likes on Facebook — where it regularly offers special deals and products for sale. During 2013, its E-commerce revenues rose by 15 percent.
Now, Express plans to grow its E-commerce business even more. As reported by Daniela Forte for Multichannel Merchant:
“Michael Weiss, chairman and CEO of Express, said that there are plans in place to invest in higher targeted marketing efforts for social media, digital, and mobile tactics. ‘We continue to invest in this area and while we don’t see any need to set a new target, we once again expect E-commerce to deliver double-digit growth in 2014.” To support the growth in 2014,  there are plans in place for a variety of Web site enhancements as well as  enhancements to the mobile platform.”
“According to Weiss, a different phase of these uptakes completed their progress towards being a true omnichannel retailer. Store locations  are already ordering online to fulfill customer requests or items not available in a particular store, according to Weiss.  The company’s next shift will be from stores with an ultimate objective to one universal view of the inventory, so that turns can be maximized, marked down, minimized and customer orders filled more quickly.”


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