The Best in Interactive Technology and Digital Signage

The nonprofit Digital Screenmedia Association recently announced its annual DSA Industry Excellence Awards for digital signage, mobile, and self-service kiosk technology.
As reported by
“The awards covered a wide spectrum, ranging from educational digital signage kiosks in a children’s park to self-service kiosks in airports and appliance stores. ‘This was truly one of the best sets of entries we have ever seen,’ DSA executive director Paul Flanigan said in announcing the awards. ‘We received entries from all over the world, including Denmark, Australia, Taiwan, Dubai, and Canada, as well as outstanding entries from the United States. So many of these winners are branching out beyond one channel of consumer engagement, many using two or three channels, including digital signage, mobile and kiosks. It’s clear that multichannel interactivity is beginning to dominate the experience in every vertical.'”
Here are video clips about two winners:
  • Best Retail Digital Self-Service/Interactive KioskProject: The Home Depot Appliance Finder. Client: Home Depot. Submitted by: Image Manufacturing Group. From Greg Teffertiller on Vimeo. 


  • Best Cultural Digital SignageProject: Dallas Arboretum — Rory Meyers Children’s Adventure Garden. Client: Dallas Arboretum. Submitted by: Reflect Systems and The Old State.


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