Google Testing Same-Day Delivery Service

Just yesterday, we blogged about Google’s plans for opening stores. There are also reports that Google has begun testing its entry into the emerging same-day delivery competitive marketplace. This involves Google assisting other firms rather than delivery from Google-owned stores.
According to Alistair Barr, writing for Reuters: “Google Inc began testing a same-day delivery service with retailers in recent weeks, the latest move into’s e-commerce turf by the world’s largest Internet search company. Google Shopping Express helps local retail stores sell products online and have the items delivered to shoppers the same day, according to a person familiar with the test. Google arranges for third parties, such as couriers, to pick the products up from local stores and deliver the items to shoppers. Neither the stores nor Google handle the deliveries, the person explained on condition of anonymity because the service is still in the early development stage.”
Click the image to read more of Barr’s story.

Photo by Andrew Kelly for Reuters


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