Timberland and Proximity Marketing

Timberland is a successful manufacturer and reseller: “We make boots, shoes, clothes, and gear that are comfortable enough to wear all day and rugged enough for all year. And we don’t rest on our accomplishments — if we did, we’d only have ever made one waterproof leather boot.”
As eMarketer recently reported:
“VF Corp.’s Timberland brand is one of the retailers using very close-range mobile messaging to communicate with consumers, offering discounts and promotions to people once they are in the store. Known as proximity marketing, Timberland has been working with a company called Swirl, which has a mobile app of the same name and can message consumers inside the store and within a certain range outside the store.”
Click the image to read an eMarketer interview with Rachel Panetta, the head of retail and E-commerce marketing for Timberland.



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2 Responses to Timberland and Proximity Marketing

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  2. Blootooth marketing (essentially what Swirl is) has been around for years. There are several issues not least of which is that you need to get the customers to download the app in the first place or you add it as an SDK to an existing app.
    Customers need to have their mobiles on and within earshot all the time they are in store or they miss the connection. Customers also get peed off if they are continually bombarded with connections.
    Visual moving image pos systems spread around the store are far more effective and drive sales consistently by engaging with the client.
    Richard Williams

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