McDonald’s: Healthier Menu Still a Work in Progress

Despite its addition of fruit in children’s meals and other attempts at offering a healthier menu, McDonald’s receives a regular barrage of criticism from consumer and parent groups. It is, after all, still a fast-food chain — and the most popular one in the world.
So, McDonald’s is tweaking its menu again. As reported by Alan Git for CBS MoneyWatch:
“McDonald’s said Thursday that it will start offering vegetables, fruit, and side salads as substitutes for french fries in its value meals, a concession to people’s changing eating habits. The fast food giant, in partnership with the Alliance for a Healthier Generation, a group founded by the Clinton Foundation and the American Heart Association, also announced changes to how it markets its products to children. Among these changes, McDonald’s will promote and market only water, milk, and juice as beverage options in its Happy Meals. The company also will design its Happy Meal packaging to emphasize themes related healthy eating, children’s well being, and what the company calls ‘fun nutrition.'”
“McDonald’s did not disclose exactly when it will add healthier fare to its value meals. It said only that the new program will roll out in 20 countries, including the U.S., over the next few years. The company expects to have implemented the changes across all 20 markets by 2020.”
Click the image for a CBS MoneyWatch video on this. 



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