Macy’s New Story

After a long period of weak results, Macy’s may finally be turning things around. And there is also Macy’s new Story.


Recent Results Are Positive

According to Paul LaMonica, writing for CNN Money:

“Don’t count out Macy’s yet. Digital sales are up. People are going to actual, physical Macy’s stores to shop. And tourists are flocking to Macy’s flagship store in New York. Macy’s is so confident in its business that it boosted its outlook for the year.”

“The retailer once again posted double-digit sales growth from digital sales, thanks in part to improvements the company has made to its Web site and app. Macy’s said that sales were healthy at physical stores for all its main brands as well, which include Bloomingdale’s and makeup and beauty chain Bluemercury — in addition to Macy’s. Overall sales rose 3.6% from last year, better than expected.”

“CEO Jeff Gennette said in the company’s earnings release that the solid results were proof that ‘the winning formula’ for Macy’s is ‘a healthy brick & mortar business, robust E-commerce, and a great mobile experience.'”


Macy’s New Story

To keep the momentum going, Macy will purchase Story. As the latter reports at its Web site:

“Set in a 2,000-square-foot store located in Manhattan’s 10th Ave. retail corridor, Story is a retail concept that takes the point of view of a magazine, changes like a gallery, and sells things like a store. That means every four to eight weeks, Story completely reinvents itself -from the design to the merchandise – with the goal of bringing to light a new theme, trend or issue.”

 Click the image to read a recent “story.”

Macy's New Story

Click here to read about the benefits to Macy’s of the Story acquisition.

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