An Innovative Approach to Bricks-and-Clicks Retailing

In this era of omnichannel retailing, new technological tools are being continually introduced to enable retailers to offer the best possible customer shopping experience.
Here’s a creative approach to bricks-and-clicks retailing from Salesfloor. With Salesfloor Storefront and Salesfloor Connect:
For the first time, customers can shop online directly with their local associate. Each associate creates their own personalized version of the retailer’s E-commerce site featuring personalized product, trusted advice and live shopping services. And stores can connect their online customers with their local store. Each store has their own personalized version of the retailer’s E-commerce site. Store associates manage as a team their Storefront, online customer requests and local marketing outreach. Salesfloor’s embedded tool offers a fully customizable interface that customers can use to interact with associates based on their location.”
“Associates use Salesfloor to instantly engage their customers across all channels: E-mail, social media, and mobile. #peoplepower . Salesfloor’s mobile app empowers associates to run their business anywhere. Associates get everything they need to interact with shoppers, create their own marketing campaigns and sell.”
Online customers connect with local associates for a better online experience through chat, personal shopping services, and other collaboration tools. Create the complete look, one customer at a time. Associates create personalized shopping experiences with custom product collections on pages uniquely prepared for each customer’s needs.”



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