A Small Florist Flourishes

Today, times remain tough for a wide variety of retailers — both large and small. But, as always, there are some shining stars. And we can learn from them.
One such star is Andrea Glass, a florist in Louisville, Kentucky, who was recently singled out for recognition by the UPS Store in Inc.:
“Boston-based floral designer Andrea Glass was looking for a change in her life. So, she headed to Louisville, Kentucky on a whim. Over time, Glass missed working in floral design. She began researching florists in town. She saw a number of businesses using traditional techniques, but she saw an opportunity to combine her knowledge and signature style to create something new in the market. So, she opened Boston’s Floral Couture in 2007. ‘Boston’s’ for her hometown, of course, and ‘couture’ meaning ‘to make.’ Her ability to stay on top of floral industry trends, bring a fresh look to her designs, and work with local growers and use local products whenever possible quickly helped her make a name for herself and grow her business.”
“It’s not easy to win over the who’s who of an insular city like Louisville. But Glass’s attention to detail and the contacts she made while waitressing were a good foundation for helping her spread the word. Soon, she was providing floral arrangements for some of the most lavish events and weddings in the city. Her work is regularly seen at Kentucky Derby events hosted by socialites, celebrities, and ambassadors, as well as in some of Louisville’s finest homes. Glass has also taken Derby culture one step further and created her own line of hats and fascinators. She also has lines of ornate linens and handmade jewelry.” 
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