An Innovative Starbucks Collaboration

Starbucks has often been an innovator, going back to the days when it introduced free Wi-Fi into its stores.
So, the recent launch of its new Starbucks Refresher fits right in for the retailer.
As Nielsen reports:
“A product launch is a critical time to drive awareness and brand favorability — even more so when focusing the launch on a specific market. Starbucks, the world-leading specialty coffee brand, teamed up with, a women’s media platform and one of the largest online lifestyle networks, for the launch of its all-natural energy drink, Starbucks Refreshers. Starbucks turned to to connect with an ideal audience for its launch: the influential mom.”
“Using Nielsen Online Brand Effect’s collaborative platform, Starbucks and were able to log into the same system and work together on campaign brand performance in real-time, yielding an 11.3 percent lift in awareness among consumers exposed to the campaign. SheKnows.­­­com was identified as among the top one-third of publishers in the Starbucks media plan, which led to an incremental budget increase of 12 percent.”
Click the image to read more.


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