Distribution Tips to Enhance the Customer Experience

As we have written about before (see, for example, 1, 2, 3), offering a superior customer experience is a key aspect of how successful a retailer will be.
Here are some more tips for providing an excellent customer experience, presented by Ilan Mochari for Inc.:
“When you consider the fine art of delighting customers, you might be tempted to think of it only in terms of your products or services. But there’s another way to think about it. Your company can also delight customers by finding innovative ways to distribute said product.”
“1. Tweak your distribution for a new demographic. What do millennials want? In category after category, most members of this large (80 million) and potent ($200 billion in annual buying power) group ‘want their brands of choice on demand, digitally enabled, and tailored to their specific requirements.'”
“2. Make it easy for your customers to obtain complementary products or services. Ask yourself this question: What do your customers crave, at a moment’s notice, that you’re not (yet) in a position to provide?”
“3. Explore seasonal or holiday use of your products and services. One way to experiment with innovations in product distribution is to consider your windows of high demand. While providing 24/7/365 wish-fulfillment to your customers is farfetched, you can focus on times and dates when your ability to go one step further than your competitors will have maximum impact.”
“4. Consider how you’ll fit in the world’s ever-evolving delivery infrastructure. You don’t have to reinvent the wheel, if you’re considering how to tweak your distribution. You can explore who your best partners would be.”
“5. Don’t neglect the power of old-school distribution. Numerous studies show that it’s ideal to engage your customers through multiple channels.”
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