Smart Merchandiser Video: E-Commerce Software

Efficient and productive assortment planning and merchandise management are complex activities for all retailers — large and small, online and offline, etc.
Fortunately, more and more easy-to-use, moderately priced merchandising software applications are now available.
One firm in this area is Smart Merchandiser, whose software “enables visual E-commerce merchandise management. Consolidate monitoring, editing, inventory, and analytics into one simple tool.” With Smart Merchandiser:
“Gone are the hours spent clicking between numerous programs, databases, and spreadsheets to gain insight on how products are performing. No more cutting up physical catalogs or using expensive graphic design resources to create web page mock-ups. Instead, online merchandising changes can be made real-time in a single interface. Improved Web site layouts, better online customer experiences, and an improved ability to respond to market changes are all just a click away.”
Click here to read more about Smart Merchandiser; and take a look at the video below.



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