Wal-Mart Improving Its Working Environment

The often-criticized Wal-Mart is launching a number of initiatives to improve employee working conditions and morale — in addition to its recently announced wage increases for lower-paid workers.
As Tom Ryan reports for RetailWire: “Beyond its widely covered wage increases, Wal-Mart is taking several other steps to improve employee morale, including relaxing wardrobe requirements, changing in-store music playlists, and adjusting store temperatures.”
  • Wardrobe: Stockers and other back-of-store workers will be allowed to wear blue jeans and T-shirts. Service oriented associates can wear black or khaki colored denim. Previously, only khaki or navy pants with a white or blue collared shirt and blue company vest could be worn.”
  • Temperatures: Store temperatures are being adjusted in answer to complaints stores were too cold or hot.”
  • Playlist: Wal-Mart Radio, produced by an on-staff DJ and broadcast to individual stores, is being brought back after nine years to add more variety to each store’s playlist.”
  • Sales incentive: Wal-Mart is bringing back VPI (Volume-Producing Item), a program that enables associates in each store to select hot items to emphasize in talking to customers and in visual displays. Cash prizes will be given for the top VPI on a monthly basis at each store, across regions and companywide.”
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Photo source: Wal-Mart


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