KFC: A Limited Play on Nostalgia and a New $5 Fill-Up Meal

One KFC store recently ran a TV advertisement that harkened back to simpler times and cheaper prices. It’s too bad that only one KFC outlet ran this promotion and only for one day.
As reported by JWT Intelligence:
“Although gas prices have held at roughly the same level for the past three years in the U.S., pain at the pump is still a consumer concern. (Myriad brands have sought ways to ease consumer anxiety over gas prices: Grocery chains including Costco and Kroger, for instance, offer gas savings tied to purchases; we’ve written about Morrisons’ Fuel Saver program in the U.K.) KFC recently offered a nostalgic panacea with a throwback to better days — a time ‘when you could get a hot, delicious meal and fill up your car for just $5,’ as a press release put it — by providing lunch and a tank full of gas for only five bucks to promote its new $5 Fill-Up meals. The promotion was for one day only at a service station in Louisville, Ky., and included a Colonel Sanders character pumping gas. A companion Twitter ‘fill-up’ campaign let fans trade professions of brand love for free fuel and meals.”



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