Nielsen Research on the “New Retail” in Australia

Australian shoppers are highly connected and do a lot of online shopping. And recent research from Nielsen sheds more light on the Australian consumer:
“Online research converts into both online and offline purchases. Results from the newly released 2014 Nielsen Connected Consumers Report show that online (research)-to-online (purchase) has the best conversion for (printed) books, clothing and digital music; while online-to-offline best converts grocery, liquor, restaurant, clothing, and pharmacy item purchase.”
“Mobile connected devices such as smartphones and tablets are aiding this ‘new retail’ movement, broadening the reach of brands and retailers by facilitating anywhere, anytime shopping, and blurring the lines between what constitutes online versus offline shopping. More than one in 10 online Australian shoppers use their smartphone to make a purchase and the same proportion purchase via tablet (13%).”
Click the chart to read more about Nielsen’s Australian shopper study.



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