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Be Prepared for a Months-Long Job Interview

We know that the job hiring process is much tougher today than in the past — due to companies’ use of key-word computer software to pre-screen resumes, the downsizing of several major companies, and the number of applicants for each … Continue reading

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A Global Tribute to France

Once again, we have seen some horrific events take place somewhere in the world. This time it was Paris. Next time, it could be ____. Nonetheless, after some sad reflection when a tragedy occurs, we usually return to our normal … Continue reading

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What Do Shoplifters Lift Most?

Shoplifting in retail stores accounts for billions and billions of dollars around the globe. In the United States alone, annual shoplifting losses amount to $13+ billion. Take a look at this NEW ¬†YouTube video from the Wall Street Journal to … Continue reading

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