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Retail conversations are increasingly two-way interactions; many blogs have a great impact on given retailers’ performance (and blog messages are not typically controlled by the retailers).

Test YOUR Digital Marketing IQ

Each week, eMarketer runs a five-question quiz. The most recent quiz deals with how digital savvy you are. It involves 5 questions that enable you to test your digital marketing IQ. The quiz takes less than five minutes to complete. … Continue reading

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Americans Want GDRP-Style Laws

On May 25, 2018, Europe’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) went effect. Thus, a good topic for discussion involves whether Americans want GDRP-style laws. As Dyfed Loesche wrote for Statista: “Anybody doing business in the digital realm should be able … Continue reading

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Macy’s Social Media Superstars

Obviously, social media greatly affect retailers. And Macy’s social media superstars represent a key way to connect with customers. These prior posts exemplify our coverage of social media: How Social Media Can Energize In-Store Sales  Social Media Video Marketing Tips for Building … Continue reading

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