AI Applications in Retailing

As we have noted before, the use of artificial intelligence (AI) by retail companies and others has really taken off. The best is still yet to come — exemplified by the video clips below.

According to Bryan Wilson, reporting for Business 2 Community, many retailers have been adopting AI. Here a couple of his examples:

“Macy’s has invested heavily in online and omnichannel merchandising. This includes the Macy’s On Call app, which combines IBM Watson’s cognitive computing with location-based software to answer shoppers’ in-store questions, such as where a specific clothing brand is located. The program was tested in 10 stores through fall 2016.” [It was operational in 35 stores as of mid-2017.]

“1-800-Flowers.Com: The digital florist and gift firm tapped into Watson to create GWYN, a virtual gift concierge. GWYN ‘intuitively guides customers through their shopping experience to help them select the perfect gift,’ according to a press release. GWYN can interpret questions such as ‘I am looking for a gift for my wife’ and then ask related questions about the occasion and sentiment to make reliable suggestions.”

Here are several videos about the current and expected future of AI for retailers of all types and product categories.






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