Retailing A to Z: New Edition of Retail Management Text

We are delighted to announce the publication of the thirteenth edition of Retail Management: A Strategic Approach. by Barry Berman, Joel R. Evans, and Patrali Chatterjee. We have not rested on our laurels. [Click on the image to visit the book’s information page and read below.

Here’s what we’ve done for the new edition:

  • NEW! Extensive coverage of omnichannel retailing an evolving practice whereby the best retailers understand and seamlessly integrate all of their interactions across channels (including stores, online, mobile, social media, and more) — is now included.
  • NEW! 30 shorter cases, as well as eight comprehensive cases, are based on real companies and real situations. Cases include Retailers MUST Be Future Oriented and Stores that Accommodate Those with Physical Limitations.
  • NEW! 20 chapter-opening vignettes relate to the evolving nature of retailing.
  • UPDATED! All data and examples reflect current economic and world situations as much as possible, reflecting the need to take into account the economic environment that has dramatically affected so many businesses and consumers.
  • NEW! Boxes include thought-provoking questions on Technology in Retailing, Retailing Around the World, Ethics in Retailing, and Careers in Retailing.
  • UPDATED! Many photos and images have been replaced or updated throughout.
  • REVISED! Hundreds of PowerPoint slides accompanying the book have been fully revised, and there are descriptions related to each slide.
  • UPDATED! Substantive changes have been made to the coverage in all chapters and the Appendix.
  • Successful features from previous editions have been retained, including:
    • A strategic decision-making orientation, with many illustrative flowcharts, figures, tables, and photos. The chapter coverage is geared to the six steps used in developing and applying a retail strategy, which are first described in Chapter 1.
    • Full coverage of all major retailing topics — including merchandising, consumer behavior, information systems, omnichannel retailing, store location, operations, logistics, service retailing, the retail audit, retail institutions, franchising, human resource management, computerization, and retailing in a changing environment.
    • A real-world approach focusing on both small and large retailers.
    • Real-world boxes on current retailing issues in each chapter. These boxes further illustrate the concepts presented in the text by focusing on real firms and situations.
    • A numbered summary keyed to chapter objectives, a key terms listing, and discussion questions at the end of each chapter.
    • Both short and comprehensive cases involving a wide range of retailers and retail practices.
    • Up-to-date information from such sources as Advertising Age, Business Week, Chain Store Age, Direct Marketing, Entrepreneur, Fortune, Inc., International Journal of Retail & Distribution Management, Journal of Retailing, Multichannel Merchant, Progressive Grocer, Retailing Today, Shopping Centers Today, Standard & Poor’s, Stores, and Wall Street Journal.
    • End-of-chapter appendices on service retailing (following Chapter 2), global retailing (following Chapter 3), and franchising (following Chapter 4).
    • An end-of-text appendix (“Careers in Retailing”) and a glossary.
    • COMING SOON! A special section of our blog ( devoted to a host of supplements that accompany RM, 13e.


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