Many Retailers Need Better Window Displays

Several months ago, we presented a powerful infographic on window displays.
Today, our valuable infographic post on window displays — which is quite different from the prior one — is from Storetraffic  (a people traffic solution provider).  According to Storetraffic:
“Creating an eye-catching window display has many benefits for your store: it will obviously serve to show off or display the products that you offer; it can give the store a theme and image; it can segment seasons and update the exterior look of the storefront; and it can help to entice shoppers into your store, which is the ultimate aim.”
“While some of these points might be obvious, there are still far too many store owners who are not exploiting the benefits of creating effective and engaging window displays. Store windows the world over are littered with poorly arranged displays with weak lighting and cluttered, unorganized merchandising which continues to work toward missed opportunities and promoting a poor impression of the store. With a little effort and input, these issues can be worked upon. It actually might not require a huge amount of budget but it will require thought and planning to execute it well.”
creating-a-powerful-window-display-in-your-store-1Thanks to Patrick Thuot, a Vice-President of Storetraffic, for providing the infographic.


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