Amazon: The Best in Efficient Shipping

We have noted several times before that Amazon is quite an innovative company. And it is especially adept at developing and using new technology to facilitate its distribution network. 
As Matt McFarland recently reported for CNN Money
“By the time you take an Amazon delivery off your stoop, walk into your home, find a pair of scissors, and open the brown box, you’ve already spent nearly as much time handling the package as Amazon’s employees. With 22 years of experience in E-commerce and an obsession with efficiency, Amazon has brought remarkable optimization to the warehouses where it stores, packages, and ships goods.”
“On a typical Amazon order, employees will spend about a minute total — taking an item off the shelf, then boxing and shipping it. The rest of the work is done by robots and automated systems.”
Take a look at this video to see how Amazon does it. Does this get a reaction of “WOW” from you?


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