Strong Employee Relations Vital in Retailing

One of the main contributors to the customer experience is motivated, upbeat employees. We have noted this a number of times over the last few years (see, for example, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5). With this in mind, let’s highlight two recent articles about how to enhance employee relations.
As Glenn Taylor reports for RetailWire, there are a number of ways to make employees feel appreciated:
  • Reasonable wages
  • Flexible scheduling
  • Education support
  • Guiding store managers 
  • Deeper incentives
Click the image to read more about each factor.

Photo: TOMS

And Glenn Taylor also wrote “Do Retailers Appreciate Employees The Same Way They Appreciate Customers?” for Retail TouchPoints:
“Did you know that Employee Appreciation Day was March 4? If not, that may be your first stumbling block to building long-term brand strength. In an industry that is known for high turnover and low pay, some leading retail companies are showing their appreciation for employees with higher wages, an increased emphasis on education, and better two-way communications. In turn, these retailers are experiencing improved employee loyalty.”
“Retailers including Container Store, Zappos, Wegmans, Starbucks, Bloomingdale’s, and TOMS Shoes are working to ensure that their employees are happy in the workplace. But others, such as Walmart and Amazon, continue to be on the defensive about appropriate employee treatment and recognition.”
Click the image to read more about the above retailers’ employee relation activities.

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