Who’s Got the Better Holiday Ad?

During the holiday shopping season, there is a lot of advertising clutter — as more retailers advertise; and they do so in more depth. Just check out the inserts in your Sunday newspaper from now until the end of the year. You may need help to pick up the paper because it’s so heavy. (Just kidding.)
One of the big keys to successful advertising is standing out from the crowd.
Recently, RetailWire initiated its “Christmas Commercial Challenge,” featuring Kohl’s versus T.J. Maxx:
“Despite strong consumer sentiment and solid job numbers, a recent spate of disappointing earnings reports has some feeling a bit uneasy about the retail industry’s prospects for the holiday selling season. A strong ad campaign can be a difference-maker and this week RetailWire serves up two different spots from Kohl’s and T.J. Maxx for your reviewing pleasure.”
“The two spots — Kohl’s ‘Celebrate Togetherness’ and T.J. Maxx’s ‘Bring Back the Holidays’ — focus on what makes the season special on a human level, away from the commercial emphasis.”
What do YOU think of these ads?




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