Fortune’s Top Ten Retail Stories of the Year

Fortune magazine just released its list of the top ten retail stories for 2014. The events on the list are quite diverse. As Phil Wahba reports:
“What a year it’s been in the world of retail. Activists took aim at plenty of companies (hello PetSmart, eBay, and Family Dollar), major retailers announced CEO changes (J.C. Penney, Home Depot, Walmart U.S., and Target) in a year that was particularly full of them, there were truces between bitter enemies (LVMH and Hermès) and even changes in fortune for long struggling retailers (books sales are rising again at Barnes & Noble.)”
“Before we turn our attention to 2015, which will be chock full of more drama in retail-land as the improving landscape will make it harder for underperforming retailers to make this weakness, let’s have a look at the action-packed year that was.”
Here is the Fortune top ten:
    1. “Retail CEOs dropping like flies”
    2. “Hyperactive activist shareholders”
    3. “As the dollar store world turns… multi-billion dollar bids”
    4. “The gradual, but continued dismantling of Sears”
    5. “Data breaches go mainstream”
    6. “Founders and boards clash”
    7. “Big changes in Walmart US’s top ranks”
    8. “Barnes & Noble’s book sales finally rise”
    9. “Hermès and LVMH finally reach a truce in their luxury war”
  10. “Walgreen gets caught in the [tax] inversion debate”
Click the image to read the full story.
Photograph by Daniel Acker — Bloomberg/Getty Images
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