Multichannel Merchant’s New Study of Global E-Commerce

Due to its growing importance, we have posted several times about the changing face of global E-commerce (see, for example, 1, 2, 3).
According to Mike O’Brien, writing for Multichannel Merchant (MCM):
“If you’re a merchant and you’re not engaged in global E-commerce, you’re
missing out on a massive opportunity. Trends like slower growth in domestic
E-commerce relative to other countries and increased Web site traffic from non-U.S.
IP addresses are clear signals that legions of ready and willing online buyers await
across the globe.”
“While the opportunity is clearly there, a number of obstacles need to be addressed,
and engaging with solution partners experienced in cross-border trade is often a
wise course of action. Overall, merchants need to enter global E-commerce with a
clear plan and strategy in place, starting slowly and building on successes.”
Click the image to read MCM’s “Outlook 2014: Global E-Commerce Opportunity Beckons — But Do Your Preparation.”



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