Social Media Still Not a Key Driver of Retail Revenues

Despite the popularity of social media by many retailers and their customers, social media are still not driving much in the way of retail revenues.
As reported by Multichannel Merchant, Monetate conducted a 2013 research project on social commerce trends. Here are two key findings:
(1) “Social media are lagging as a direct traffic source to E-commerce Web sites and for online purchases, despite brand investment. Social media represented just 1.55 percent of all E-commerce traffic, way behind search (31.43 percent) and trailing E-mail (2.82 percent). And social media traffic numbers were down from Q1, 2012, when they were 2.36 percent.”
(2) “Tablets and smartphones are grabbing more device share of E-commerce traffic. Tablets and smartphones were 21.02 percent of traffic, compared to just 2 percent two years ago. Tablets (10.58 percent) led smartphones (10.44 percent) in E-commerce traffic. Despite the rapidly increasing traffic being driven to sites through tablets and smartphones, only 14 percent of companies optimize for tablet users and only 13 percent optimize for smartphone (according to Econsultancy). “
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