“Sneaky” Ways to Track Shoppers

Retailers want to know as much as possible about their customers and their potential customers in order to better serve their needs and to increase the firms’ revenues, as we have reported earlier (see “How Retailers Track Shoppers: An Infographic” and “Retailers Now Tracking Shoppers’ Eye Movements”).
But, there is a line between monitoring consumers and invading their privacy, and retailers have to be careful not to cross that line. Certainly, articles with titles such as “12 Sneaky Ways That Big Retailers Track Your Every Move” by Ashley Lutz and Alaina McConnell for Business Insider do not reflect well on the industry. 
According to Lutz and McConnell: “Retailers employ all sorts of clever tactics from using facial recognition devices to devising customer loyalty programs and cell phone signal trackers. Then, they use the collected data to determine where to place products in the store and how and where to advertise. While many consumers are unassuming and unaware, a variety of groups are protesting the data collection as an invasion of privacy.”
Click on the photo to read about 12 “sneaky” retail practices highlighted by Lutz and McConnell.

Photo from Walmart Corporate/Flickr


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