New Ikea Catalogs: A 3-D Look

Ikea is one of the world’s best global retailers; and it is always looking for ways to excite its customers while also keeping costs under control — in order to maintain its low-price strategy and generate profits at the same time. The retailer often engages in innovative tactics to reach its goals. Here is the latest example of this.
Jens Hansegard writes in the Wall Street Journal that: “The Swedish furniture giant has for decades spent more than two-thirds of its marketing budget building and furnishing living quarters, which are typically portrayed with a sparse, fastidious fashion sensibility and lighted with impeccable precision. But the privately-held company’s quest to curb costs and boost productivity has it mothballing some of this real-world production. It is instead turning to 3-D graphics to fill its pages. This year, 12 percent of IKEA’s content for the Web, catalog, and brochures were rendered virtually; that number will increase to 25 percent next year.”
Click the 3-D image below to access a WSJ video clip.


Source: Ikea catalog photo appearing in the Wall Street Journal


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