Data Analytics Can Enhance Customer Experiences

We know that using data analytics can enhance customer experiences. And in a big way. Thus, this post takes a marketing client perspective of analytics.

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How Using Data Analytics Can Enhance Customer Experiences

Although analytics are vital, many firms still behind. As research show.

According to eMarketer:

“To upgrade their customer experiences, firms must take a hard look at revamping their data analytics. And they can do this by looking at an Econsultancy and Adobe survey of client-side marketers worldwide. In that survey, 65% of respondents cited improving their data analysis as a very important factor in better customer experience. That was the most popular answer for the second year in a row. Up from a 63% response rate in 2017.”

“According to Adam Kleinberg, the CEO of ad agency Traction, providing a reputable digital experience for customers is important. Why? Because it is one of the main ways that brands differentiate themselves from competitors. ‘To improve your customer experience, you need to understand the customer journey in relation to your brand. And then you must identify moments of friction to fix. Or moments of delight to build upon. In particular, analyzing data is essential to identify these insights. Then, they can become business-building opportunities.’ Kleinberg said.”

Take a look at the chart to learn more. What do YOU recommend for firms to better apply data analytics to customer experiences?
Data Analytics Can Enhance Customer Experiences

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