FierceRetail’s Weekly Roundup

Each week, FierceRetail presents its roundup of key retailing events.  FierceRetail is a well-rounded site with information on stores, digital, technology, and operations. In addition, it offers a resources section. 

FierceRetail's Weekly Roundup

Here are four recent stories from its retail roundup:

  • Nestle to sell Starbucks coffee — “Nestle will pay Starbucks $7.2 billion to market and sell Starbucks’ packaged coffees and teas. Nestle already has a share of the coffee business with its Nescafe and Nespresso brands and now will sell all packaged goods that Starbucks does not currently sell within its stores.” (CNN Money)
  • WatchBox uses AR to reduce returns — “Online luxury watch retailer WatchBox has launched an augmented reality feature in hopes of reducing the amount of returns. The company invested $200,000 in an AR feature on the app that allows consumers to see how watches will look on their wrists.” (WatchPro)
  • Instagram launches payments — “Instagram just added a native payment feature to its app that lets a consumer register a debit or credit card and a pin number as part of a profile. Once set up, the shopper will be able to purchase items without leaving Instagram for another Web site.(TechCrunch)
  • Express adds new sizes to stores — “Express introduces extended sizing for both men’s and women’s clothing. While the brand has offered more size options online for some time, the company wants to support more consumers by meeting their needs and give them more options when it comes to fashion in the physical store. (PR Newswire)


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