Music Improves Customer Experience, Even in Serious Settings

Store retailers will try anything (almost) to enhance the customer experience. This includes Engineering a Great Retail Customer Experience and Worlds of Online and Offline Businesses Continue to Merge

Today’s post is on how music improves customer experience.


Music Improves Customer Experience

An often effective tool for store retailers is music. It helps set the tone for shopping. And it can positively affect the customer experience.

Consider these observations from Business Intelligence:

“Music can enhance the customer experience even in nontraditional retail environments, suggests a study released by Mood Media and the
Society of Composers, Authors and Music Publishers. The study was conducted in France. It found that customers had a more favorable experience in five business locations — including gas station, optical, banking, sports apparel, and pharmacy locations.

“Danny Turner, a global senior vice-president at Mood Media, told CRM Buyer that ‘music has an amazing ability to connect on an intimate and personal level. Brands that understand the connectivity between brand and in-store experience, facilitated by the incredible power of music to forge an emotional bond, are well on their way to elevating their customer experience.’ Mood Media is now designing music programs for an increasingly diverse body of retailers, including auto dealerships, credit unions, apartment buildings, and retirement home communities.”

“Overall, 70 percent of study respondents had a more positive perception of a business when music was played. 65 percent said music at the location helped differentiate the business from competition. 93 percent of employees at those locales preferred music over no music at work. Some pharmacies, opticians, and banks were concerned about the impact music would have, given their more serious nature. And when customers at more serious locales were asked if they wanted music, only 33 percent said they thought music would be appropriate. However, 76 percent of the customers who experienced music at those types of locales said they thought the music was complementary and compatible with the businesses.”

Take a look at the infographic to learn more.


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