Living in a Connected World: Are You Always “On”? Segment 1

We live in a digitally connected world, where many of us are regularly “on.” According to a study by A.T. Kearney of 10,000 ‘connected consumers’ (people who say they connect to the Internet at least once a week):

“Our findings are fascinating and at times counterintuitive. Here’s the quick view: Continuous connectivity. More than half of survey respondents say that they are connected to the Internet nearly every waking hour.Four motivations for connectivity. People go online because it meets four basic, universal needs: interpersonal connection, self-expression, exploration, and convenience. The power of social media. Social networks are where connected consumers spend the most time online. They are effective in gaining brand interest and purchases among younger consumers. Yet, number of users on a social network is not necessarily an indication of engagement or purchases. The convergence of physical and online stores. While most purchases today are still made in store, more than half of survey respondents say they prefer shopping online and the online experience. Connectivity does not mean consumers do everything online; but being connected offers access, speed, and convenience.”


Recently, Zarb School of Business Distinguished Professor Joel Evans of Hofstra University did an extended radio interview with Suzanne B. Phillips, Psy.D. on living in a connected world and the growing phenomenon of always being “on.” Connectivity involves using digital devices to interact with the outside world, including smartphones, smart TVs, wearable devices, GPS, computers, tablets, home security systems, and more. This interview is divided into three segments for YouTube.

Segment 1 highlights these topics:

• Evolution of connectivity – today, it is much more high-tech and less personal
• How connected people are – from waking to going to sleep
• Reliance on the smartphone to access the Internet and social media
• Many of the motivations behind digital connectivity
• Time spent with and uses of digital connectivity
• Passive versus interactive connectivity
• Global perspective
• Differences by age
• Personal connectivity at work



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