Opportunities for Restaurant Growth

Americans like to eat out, and this was so even during the recent Great  Recession.
According to Nielsen:
“While consumer confidence and saving trends paint a picture of relative restraint in the U.S., a look at how much we’re spending at restaurants suggests that dining out is more popular than ever. Data from Nielsen show that U.S. spending at restaurants and bars has been rising steadily since 1992.”
“Not all parts of the country offer the same potential when it comes to patronage, sales and growth. The 2015 Restaurant Growth Index (RGI) — compiled for Restaurant Business by Nielsen — breaks down growth by market and highlights how growth is primarily driven by tourism.


“The Restaurant Growth Index ranks both metro and micro markets. Each metro or micro area consists of one or more counties encompassing the core urban area (while integrating adjacent counties that have a high degree of social and economic similarities).”


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