Using Supply Chain Optimization to Grow

Managing the entire supply chain, from the acquisition of merchandise to the sale and delivery to final consumers, has always been a challenge for retailers. This is even more true today than in the past — given the multiple selling channels used by many retailers.
Therefore, supply chain optimization is critical from both customer satisfaction and retailer profitability perspectives.
As Forbes notes:
“At the inflection point of retail’s evolution, how are visionary CEOs from around the world preparing to manage and grow their enterprises in an increasingly complex omni-channel world? To better understand their viewpoints, JDA Software commissioned PwC and Forbes to conduct a global retail CEO survey.” 

“The resulting report by Forbes Insights: Retail’s New Imperative: Supply Chain Optimization as a Growth Strategy, revealed that supply chain has become a mission-critical area for these CEOs to get ahead of market disruptions, adapt to the changing retail environment and establish a new foundation for growth.”

Take a look at the slideshow summary of this report.



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