Tweeting for a Job During the 2014 Holiday Shopping Season

Yes, in the fast-changing world of social media, retail job postings have now come to Twitter. So, this represents another opportunity for job seekers!
When retailers ramp up for the peak holiday shopping season, they often need to hire seasonal employees — in some cases, thousands of them. This holiday season, more retailers are posting these jobs on Twitter.
As Eric Morath reports for the Wall Street Journal:
“Heading into the holiday shopping season, retailers are bombarding customers’ in-boxes and Twitter feeds with help-wanted ads in addition to the usual gift ideas and free-shipping offers. To augment traditional hiring methods, which are failing to produce enough job candidates, retail chains are recruiting through channels usually reserved for promoting products.”
“[For example,] to fill about 1,000 seasonal positions, Beverages and More Inc. began advertising jobs on social media [especially on Twitter] last month alongside cocktail recipes and promotions for 5-cent bottles of wine. The California-based chain of wine, beer, and liquor stores initially was hesitant to tap customers as potential hires, but the strategy worked. Online applications increased 66% from the previous month.”
Click the image for a WSJ video.
Photo by Scott Olson


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