The State of Showrooming Today

It’s been a while since we’ve written about showrooming (see for example: 12); but it remains a concern for many store-based retailers today. So, what’s currently going on with showrooming?
According to RR Donnelly Retail,
Rather than battle the trend [toward more and more showrooming], leading retailers are turning showrooming to their advantage through mobile shopping sites, online promotions, apps, and price-matching programs. Perhaps the most effective approach retailers are taking is a renewed and sharper focus on in-store marketing — promotions, displays, signage, and store design. As a result, they are improving the shopping experience and ultimately converting showrooming shoppers into purchasing customers.
Today, more than 80 percent of non-grocery purchase decisions are still made in-store.  In-store visual merchandising, POP signage, and traditional marketing methods such as coupons and circulars are helping drive the bulk of sales. And, although showrooming habits vary by category – with consumer electronics, toys, apparel, and home appliances being the most likely categories for U.S. shoppers to combine online and in-person sources — digital tools are also playing an increasing role in in-store sales.”
To read more from RR Donnelly, click the image.



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