Should Retailers Advertise on the Super Bowl?

Yes, the February 2nd Super Bowl is a big deal for sports fans and for advertisers. But is it a good idea for RETAILERS to advertise during the Super Bowl — along with beer, soda, auto, Internet, and other firms?

Please weigh in on this.

In both 2012 and 2014, H&M, which has grown “from a single women’s wear shop in Västerås, Sweden, to six different brands and 3,000 stores all around the world, is the only retailer advertising during the Super Bowl. As it did in 2012, H&M will be advertising its David Beckham Bodywear.
As reported by Jason Belzer for Forbes:
“H&M is banking that this year’s $4 million investment will have the same impact as it did two years ago. While 2012′s version ranked number one in social media for Super Bowl ads with 109,000 comments,  the brand certainly faces an uphill battle in generating similar buzz, as it will once again be the only retailer with an ad during Super Bowl XLVIII. It also faces the daunting task of going up against established sponsors like Coca-Cola, Anheuser-Busch, GoDaddy, and Chevrolet.”
“H&M learned a number of valuable lessons from its 2012 ad. Among them was the need to go beyond creating brand awareness and to leverage its investment to increase engagement with consumers. To this end, H&M is inviting fans to visit their Web site and vote on two possible conclusions to this year’s commercial, with voting scheduled to begin Monday and run through the eve of the Super Bowl.”
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