Follett Uses Technology to Run Its Book Operations

Follett “generates more than $2.7 billion in annual sales by providing universities, libraries, and schools and school districts with a wide range of educational tools and services that fuel the learning process and spark the imagination. We bring together our capabilities in traditional and digital textbooks, course materials, E-commerce, and software to create a unique platform of support for our customers.”
Now, Follett has teamed up with software firm Retalon: “A new software implementation is helping the world’s largest college bookstore operator to reduce out-of-stocks and to manage unique demand stimuli. As college bookstores go, Follett Higher Education Group is the big man on campus. The company operates close to 1,000 campus stores, spanning the gamut from the likes of Notre Dame and Stanford to hundreds of local community colleges nationwide. It’s the 67th largest E-commerce retailer in the U.S., boasting E-commerce sales growth in the double-digit range. Follett also operates a call center and supports several catalog mailings per year.”


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