The Business Web Site as a Soap Box?

Retailers make decisions every day about the kinds of messages they want to communicate to the marketplace and the content of those messages. One controversial issue is whether personal — rather than strictly business — views should be expressed.
As Michael Hess writes for CBS MarketWatch: “The Chick-fil-A controversy brought to light the risks of a business taking a provocative public stand on a political, social, or religious issue. The privately-held fast food chain did so on a highly visible national scale, but the same thing happens every day — albeit much more quietly — at the small business level. Like any individual, the owner of a private company has the right to take any position or say pretty much anything he or she wants. But is it in the best interest of a business to put that right to the test?”
Click the image below to read 4 tips from Hess on where to draw the line.




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